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Communication and Interpersonal Skills using NLP

Being able to communicate effectively is an important asset. It can create superb rapport with colleagues and customers alike, increase sales  and  help  you  achieve  and  contribute  towards  your  success and progression as well as theirs. So, why wouldn’t you want to be a better communicator?

This  program  incorporates  tools  and  ideas  used  in  Neurolinguistic  Programming  (NLP)  that  makes  a  real  difference  by enhancing  and  developing  your  communication  skills  to  achieve significant  results.  By  understanding  how  to  use  all  your  senses, using different styles and levels of language patterns and re-writing  your  thinking  process  you  can  achieve  the  things  you want to at the workplace.

What will you learn?

Not only will you learn a new skill but you will experience actual mind programming to assist YOU in immediately applying and adopting a dynamic scientific approach to communicate effectively.

Why Communication with  NLP ?

  • Be more persuasive

  • Deliver memorable messages

  • Improve confidence

  • Elevate Interpersonal Skills

  • Use your mind to its full potential

  • Enhance quality of life

  • Know yourself and others better

  • Motivate yourself and others

  • Become more creative

  • Become a confident communicator

  • Embedded command        

 7 Great reasons to attend

  • Identify communication style & strengths

  • Make staff / team communication easier

  • Leverage assertiveness strategies

  • Techniques to deal with workplace anger  

  • Moving colleagues from ‘no’ to ‘yes’

  • Receive and deliver feedback with confidence

  • Learn to avoid potential ‘games’ & politics’

Training Topics

Introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • The Foundation of NLP (principles & application)

  • The “LIE” (Perceptions & Realities in NLP)

  • The Senses - Representational Systems/Sensory Language

The Brain

  • How to use the left and right side of your brain &  achieve its full potential

  • Change the way you think by re-wiring your brain

  • Breaking habits and thinking more positively

  • Learn how the unconscious mind affects our thinking,

  • Communication and interpersonal responses


  • Understand how different methods of communication affect your work

  • Recognise good and bad communication

The Power of Language

  • Identifying language pattern

  • Interpreting the meaning of language

  • Backtracking to understand the mind of others deeper

  • Easy Pacing & Leading to influence other and avoid conflict

  • The Meta Model - Ultimate Persuasive tool

  • Empowering your daily conversations to enhance work performance

  • Words to use to encourage better communication and positive outcomes.

  • Learn all about human interaction and how to communicate well

  • Discover how to make messages clearer, more effective and persuasive

  • Applying Powerful Reframes in handling Objections or Rejections

Emphatic listening & deep communication​

  • Signs of poor listeners

  • Good habits of great listeners

  • Benefits of empathetic listening

  • Active listening techniques

  • 3 extra steps to listen more effectively

Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Understanding & Building Rapport with Diverse Others

  • Being aware and choosing the right attitude

  • Understanding “Map of the World” of others

  • Matching and Mirroring others

  • Building relationships with diverse others

  • How to use body language to build instant rapport


Learning Methods Used

  • In  this  experiential  training,  the  training  facilitator  adopts  a  coaching  and facilitative approach. It is very important to engage the participants in reviewing their own outcomes.

  • The  activities  are  designed  to  illustrate  key  issues  that  the  participants  are facing  in  communicating  by  using  NLP  tools  to  create  illustrations, demonstrations  and  activities  such  as  role  plays,  Mind  exercises  and  group discussions. New skills will be learnt via mind programming methods using practical NLP.

Training Methodology

  • Exercises

  • Activities

  • Demonstrations

  • Discussions

  • Explanations

  • Stories

  • Examples

Duration : 10 Sessions ( one hour each)

Pre-Requisite: None

Batches : weekend/ weekday batches available

Schedule: Flexible Time  Schedule

online Training also available



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