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NLP in Schools

NLP for Children and Teenagers - Student NLP

NLP for Children and Teenagers is a highly effective program that allows even the youngest of children to participate, believe in themselves, understand their potential and enhance their skills.

NLP gives your child the power to Communicate effectively, resolve problems quickly, handle challenges and propel them to better health, happiness and peace of mind.

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches children to use their brain (Neuro) effectively, right from the start, use language to understand and  express themselves, (Linguistic) and NLP gives them the best strategies for their future in life (Programming). When you as a parent support your children with NLP you are helping them in maintaining their mental and physical health throughout their lives.

How will NLP techniques help my child/teenager?

NLP encompasses many positive and varied applications in all areas of life, including problem resolutions, creative solutions and goal achievement. NLP will help children/teenagers understand their problems, transform them into a more confident and responsible Individuals.

What happens during a NLP session?

Our NLP Trainers and child/teenager together explore and discover what is desired and how to make those changes occur. We then identify the details of the changes they wish to make through their thought processes, their self-beliefs, their senses and ever their active self-talk. As each person has their own unique set of experiences and thinking patterns, the confidential session will be uniquely tailored to address the childs specific challenges and outcomes using NLP processes and language patterns, collapsing and deactivating the problem areas and re-programming desirable new ways to think and be.

Is NLP Reliable?

Yes, absolutely! In the hands of a fully trained and competent consultant, NLP is safe, respectful and caring of individual needs and circumstances. NLP offers an environment for effective and profound change, giving you choice; the choice to accept your current behaviour or learn to understand and remove self-imposed limiting beliefs.

Training Topics

  • Building Self Confidence

  • The Psychometric Test

  • Behavioural Coaching

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Stress Management

  • Subconscious Mind Activation

  • Sharpen your 5 senses for effective communication

  • Maintaining mental, physical and emotional health throughout their lives

Individual Counselling Sessions

Sessions lasts up to an hour and a half (90mins) and your investment is Rs 1000 per session.

Most clients only need between 1 – 5 sessions depending on their troubles and issues.

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