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Management and Leadership Skills using NLP

Businesses today need managers who can think through problems and work with others to find solutions. Being a successful leader requires not only business knowledge, but also interpersonal and management skills. This Program will teach you how to handle the challenges you face in your role as a manager and a leader in a team.

Discover the difference between leadership and management and what you can do to become a better leader. Understand your role in team communication and what you can do to ensure fewer misunderstandings. By applying NLP, the latest and proven scientific communication tool, you will be able to understand how to effectively communicate, deal with conflict and difficult people, and motivate and create a positive team atmosphere.

In this program, you'll learn to  -


  • Build, motivate, and maintain an effective high-performing team.

  • Make the most of your employees' skills and abilities by delegating appropriately and avoid micromanaging.

  • Link feedback, coaching,performance management, and progressive discipline to ensure top performance         

  • Deal effectively with under performers.

  • Manage time, set priorities for you and your team

  • Negotiate priorities with your boss.

  • Gain a toolbox of essential skills for managing projects, people, teams and performance.             

  • Understand  Roles and responsibilities of a manager and a leader

  • Use NLP to understand the different personality types and see how personality can cause conflict in the team

  • To effectively lead a team by using different leadership styles

  • Deal with conflict and difficult people in the team

  • Understand the NLP Communication model and how to avoid obstacles to effective communication

  • Gain the skills needed to master active listening

  • Negotiate coaching plans with individual employees, and learn how to provide effective ongoing feedback

  • To set priorities effectively in your team and to negotiate those priorities with management

  • Plan and run effective team meetings

  • Delegating effectively to both new and experienced employee


   Training Options

  • In-house  Training

  • On-site  customised  Training  Programs (delivered  throughout  India  at  various locations)

  • Speaker for your conference

  • Individual coaching support

  • Workshops/seminars  

Training Methodology

  • Exercises

  • Activities

  • Demonstrations

  • Discussions

  • Explanations

  • Stories

  • Examples

Duration : 10 Sessions ( one hour each)

Pre-Requisite: None

Batches : weekend/ weekday batches available

Schedule: Flexible Time  Schedule

online Training also available



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