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Negotiation Skills using NLP

​Effective Negotiating using NLP is designed to achieve your organizational goals by giving your sales, purchasing, finance, and management teams an extra-ordinary competitive negotiating advantage by moving people from the skills taught within traditional negotiating courses, to a new level of artistry, enabling your teams to understand the structure of powerful persuasion.


Effective negotiating is much more than pushing the other party into a corner, it’s about elegantly influencing the other party to positively take on a new perspective, and then feel good about the outcome. Negotiators will understand the power of reading peoples’ non-verbal behaviour, how to maintain agreement and how to subtly “back off” at various points in the negotiating process.

Participants will learn powerful NLP patterns of influence that are discreetly persuasive. They will learn the importance of reading and influencing non verbal responses in the negotiation process.



Sales, Purchase and Marketing Professionals who need to enhance their negotiation skills.


In this experiential training, the training facilitator adopts a coaching and facilitative approach. The participants are engaged in reviewing their own outcome. The activities are designed to illustrate key issues and challenges that the participants are facing in selling/persuading.



MODULE 1: Introduction to NLP Professional Negotiation Process

• The need for a professional approach
• The process of negotiation in business
• The steps to implement professional approach

MODULE 2: Apply the Pro-negotiation Strategy

• The process in negotiation
• The strategies of planning and organizing your   negotiation

MODULE 3: The Negotiation Skills - Using the NLP 5 Sensory Skills

• The process to build trust
• The art to enhance rapport
• Strategies to create a good relationship

MODULE 4: NLP Discovery Skills - Use Powerful Feedback

• Learn to communicate effectively
• Questioning, listening and summarizing
• How to give confirm the needs

MODULE 5: NLP Presentation Skills - The Psychology Skills

• What every professional sales consultant should know about presentation
• Common mistakes in presentation
• Maximizing the effect of powerful presentation

MODULE 6: Overcoming Customers’ Objections in Negotiation

• The art to handle objection
• Make service a key closing point
• How to become more assertive negotiator


Objective of the Program

At the end of the training program, participants will be able to :

  • Develop profitable, long term business relationship with customers

  • Negotiate more competitively

  • Increase long term profitability

  • Build rapport more effectively

  • Apply psychological negotiation skills

  • More assertive in negotiation

  • Know when to cooperate and when to compete in negotiations

  • Realize better outcomes and close stronger deals

  • Gain a new sense of confidence when negotiating

  • Utilize essential analytical elements to focus your efforts and prepare successfully     


Training Methodology

  • Exercises

  • Activities

  • Demonstrations

  • Discussions

  • Explanations

  • Stories

  • Examples

Duration : 10 Sessions ( one hour each)

Pre-Requisite: None

Batches : weekend/ weekday batches available

Schedule: Flexible Time  Schedule

online Training also available



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