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Presentation skills

​Good information, a great idea or the best proposal are only half the battle. To be a successful professional presenter you need to be able to capture your audience and take them on your journey using effective presentations.

In business, tough times bring about rapid changes—and they must be communicated effectively. Being well-prepared to give a polished and persuasive presentation keeps you composed and ready for any audience at any time. Develop and enhance your public speaking style and turn even the driest, most mundane information into a dynamic, compelling presentation. No matter what the subject, deliver your message with poise and power. Give your words an appeal that captures attention and leads to inspiration and involvement. A memorable presentation is about delivering your content with power and passion.

The program will help you transform your ideas and visions into influential presentations and will increase your professionalism and effectiveness. Language patterns used in Hypnosis and NLP will be introduced and participants will be shown how to centre themselves to give them the strength and relaxation needed to speak confidently in public. Opportunities to learn from practical application will be provided.

You will learn practical tips and techniques for planning your key messages, structuring your delivery and creating an interesting and entertaining presentation. This is a highly practical program where participants are required to prepare multiple presentations to a group. Your presentations are then evaluated. And you get expert one-on-one coaching at the end of each presentation.


Tailor your presentation to your audience
Use relaxation techniques to overcome nervousness
Learn how to project your voice and use pauses to dramatize your point
Expertly handle difficult questions and situations
Communicate with clarity and conviction
Gain confidence in your presentation skills
Make presentations with confidence in an exciting and professional manner
Use body language to maximize your presentation & make a real impact on your audience



Introduction and objectives

  • Understanding what holds you back

  • Identifying your positive image

  • Super-charging your image

  • Creating a positive first impression


Planning and preparation

  • The importance of identifying a clear objective

  • Understanding your audience's needs, concerns, benefits

  • What holds an audience's attention and what sends them to trance


Structuring the talk

  • Gaining impact and interest with introductions

  • Getting your audience into a 'Yes' mindset

  • Structuring the body of the talk into clear chunks

  • Using persuasive language

  • Selecting material for quality not quantity

  • Closing the presentation

Engaging your audience

  • Using humour

  • Story telling

  • Effective questioning

Non-verbal communication

  • Standing and gesturing to look confident and credible Eye contact

  • Vocal skills to give authority and projection to the voice

  • Pausing and emphasis to add impact


Question and answer sessions 

  • Handling questions concisely and confidently

  • Tips on using visual aids

Training Methodology

  • Exercises

  • Activities

  • Demonstrations

  • Discussions

  • Explanations

  • Stories

  • Examples

Training Options

  • In-house  Training

  • On-site  customised  Training  Programs (delivered  throughout  India  at  various locations)

  • Speaker for your conference

  • Individual coaching support

  • Workshops/seminars  


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