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NLP Sales and Marketing Training

​Often, when products and prices are similar, the difference between your company winning the business or not, is the person doing the selling. Some sales people always do well, regardless of what is happening around them. These people seem happy, optimistic, positive and in control of themselves and their lives. The companies they work for depend on the revenue they bring in which has direct relationship with the abilities of their sales professionals to close the sale. There is no position in business that has the ability to impact on the bottom line, as much as a sales professionals do.

NLP in Sales is designed to achieve your organisational goals by providing your sales team an extra-ordinary competitive advantage through a deep understanding of the human thinking processes that underpin human communication and sales. This means your sales team will deeply understand, adapt to, and influence the individual client’s psychological buying strategies. It will transform their ability to convert leads into sales ensuring that they too, become a lynchpin in your companies success. We will show you how to match different personality styles with an array of closing strategies, how to spot buying signals and how to understand your customers way of thinking, making sure you stand the best chance of winning the deal.

NLP is about effective internal and external communication as well as influencing change in states. That is exactly what successful sales people do, communicate well and influence the customers’ state.


Why Attend?

Our program move people from the traditional sales approach, which is usually taught within strategic selling programmes, to a new level of sales artistry.

On attending this unique programme, your sales team will be fully equipped with a unique set of tools, which will enhance their approach to prospects, enabling them to present your sales messages in a way which resonates deeply with your prospect’s personality type, making it easy for the client to say “yes”.

Your sales team will be able to attract the most desirable prospects, increase the value of each order, improve their “win” ratio, cut the length of the sales cycle, dramatically improve customer rapport and leave your competition wondering what happened.

Training Highlights

  • Understand your clients’ mental strategies and motivations

  • Gain extra-ordinary deep rapport with anyone in moments

  • Use specific questioning strategies to get to the heart of objections

  • Read and influence body language and other non-verbal behaviour

  • Elicit the real intention behind an objection, and deal with it at a deeper level

  • Enable people to buy without hard selling

  • Understand the factors that drive overwhelming desire

  • Use another person’s hot buttons to create enthusiasm and passion

  • Understand the deeper motivation that drives decision-making

  • Speed up the decision-making process

  • Read and influence body language and other non-verbal behaviour

  • Influence others and come across as seemingly impartial

  • Use hypnotic language to create responsiveness

  • Maintain an optimum selling state to ensure sales success

  • Harness the skills the most powerful communicators have been using for centuries

  • Improve questioning techniques to better define customer needs and beat the competition

  • Manage your own state and ensure results

  • Gain greater flexibility in your approach

  • Increase sales performance and results

  • Develop robust, lasting and practical stress management skills to beat stress forever

  • Generate a receptive response, even with the most challenging of customers

  • Adapt to different personality types   

Training Methodology

  • Exercises

  • Activities

  • Demonstrations

  • Discussions

  • Explanations

  • Stories

  • Examples

Duration : 10 Sessions ( one hour each )

Pre-Requisite: None

Batches : weekend/ weekday batches available

Schedule: Flexible Time  Schedule

online Training also available



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