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NLP for Students
Balancing the Brain for the New Age

The Chief Trainer - Dr. Satya T. Murthy

NLP Trainer & Counsellor (American Union of NLP)

Life Coach (American Union of NLP)

CBT Professional
Business Coach (AUNLP)

Relationship Coach (AUNLP)
Law of Attraction Practitioner (Global Sciences Foundation)

Self Confidence Coach from Boxford, MA
Stress & Trauma Management Professional

Therapist (Social, Emotional & Psychological challenges)

Member of the British Psychological Society

Dr. Satya T. Murthy is an Internationally certified NLP Trainer and Counsellor, Therapist (Healing of Conditions caused by psychological and emotional stresses), Life Coach, Business Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner from the American Union of NLP (AUNLP). He is also a certified Stress and Trauma Management Professional and a Self-confidence and Self Esteem building coach.
His passion is in reaching out to both adults and youth to ‘inspire and empower lives’ and to equip them to live at their fullest potential.

He is the founder owner of, an academy of NLP Training & Professional Skills Development and has been with several companies for over 15 years in business and the public sector. Modelled by others as a gifted trainer, he is deeply committed to providing the very best in NLP and to participating in creating leadership in the field, for quality and standards and to having NLP make a contribution at the highest levels of human thinking and action. His passion for training stems from his innate desire to empower all those individuals who are keen to seek knowledge, wisdom and self-improvement; so that they can be the person they need to be to have what they want.

He is an inspiring presenter and communicator with a unique ability to uplift people to perform beyond their ‘comfort zone’ and strive for performance excellence. His research and knowledge in both personal and psychological issues is reflected in his training programs. His experience of working with NLP in a broad and diverse range of contexts gives richness, depth and creativity to his approach.

He being an Internationally certified Life Coach adds more flavour to all his programs. He has been instrumental in bringing about change in many lives. He is a certified Law of Attraction professional and advocates the principles of Law of Attraction for transformation .
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